Teaching Mathematics to Students with Learning Disabilities

Fourth Edition
Nancy S. Bley | Carol A. Thornton
  • Target Group Elementary and Middle School students with learning disabilities
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The fourth edition of Teaching Mathematics to Students with Learning Disabilities, like previous editions, is aimed at helping teachers in general and special education settings adapt the mathematics curriculum to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. The book reflects and incorporates the ongoing changes in the world of mathematics.
Material in this newest edition continues to emphasize problem solving and realworld applications and also incorporates some of the changes presented in the most recent edition of Principles and Standards of School Mathematics (published by NCTM). It is intended to be an adjunct to material used in a variety of school mathematics texts and provides a number of ways to individualize instruction and practice. To this end, specific techniques, examples, and carefully sequenced activities have been included and, in many cases, updated to address the expanded availability and use of technology.