Map Book 4

Canada Through Maps

George Quinn
  • Grades 5 - 6
  • Pages 48
  • Product Code 9780919972827 ( MR #030508 )

*Not available separately (package component only)

The fourth in a series of popular activity books designed to develop map skills, Map Book 4 contains 40 lively activities to help grades 5-6 readers develop and apply four fundamental map skills: shape, symbols, position and direction and scale.  Using themes based on provincial social studies curricula, the book employs a variety of maps on Canada - cultural, historical, physical and political - to help students develop and practice these cornerstone skills.  The numerous maps also help students explore Canada's geography and history.  Map Book 4 is a logical follow-up to Map Book 3.  It also stands on its own as a practical social studies learning resource.

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