High Priority Vocabulary Curriculum

Words Everyone Needs to Know!

book, printable PDF CD, 2 laminated 9.5” x 5” WordRules with 9 colour-coded vocabulary inserts
Judi Kinney
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A program for students to expand their reading, spelling, and speaking vocabularies

Product Features:
  • Provides a book of reproducible step-by-step lesson plans and illustrated worksheets
  • Includes a set of hands-on slide charts called WordRules
  • Offers seven categories of words: Number, Calendar, Direction, Math, High-frequency, Homophones, and Synonyms
High Priority Vocabulary Curriculum focuses on basic and essential words. It features a book with reproducible lesson plans and dozens of engaging worksheets, and hands-on slide charts called WordRules. This program is deal for those who struggle with vocabulary concepts because it gives plenty of practice to reinforce new words.
Step-by-step lesson plans, objectives with benchmarks, and student assessments help you organize class time, and illustrated worksheets, word games and other activities appeal to students of all ages!
Word Sets:
  • Number
  • Calendar
  • Direction
  • Math
  • High-frequency
  • Homophones
  • Synonyms