Treatment of Language Disorders in Children

Rebecca J. McCauley, PhD | Marc E. Fey, PhD, CCC-SLP
  • Grades PreK - Highschool
  • Pages 512
  • Format 7" x 10"
  • Copyright 2006
  • Product Code 9781557666888 ( MR #043416 )

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With this much-needed textbook, graduate students in speech-language pathology courses will have the comprehensive knowledge they need to evaluate, compare, select, and apply effective interventions for language disorders in children. Expert contributors take a balanced, in-depth look at 15 widely used interventions, examining how they should be applied, what evidence demonstrates that they really work, and what SLPs should do to support and refine the approaches.
Future practitioners will consider three types of interventions:
those targeting prelinguistic and early linguistic communication, more advanced language and literacy, and multiple levels of language and/or nonlanguage goals. Each chapter critically examines one treatment approach and brings it to life with one or more realistic case studies and a DVD clip that shows the strategy in action. Readers will get rich, detailed discussion of the theoretical and empirical basis of each intervention, target populations, assessments for determining treatment relevance and goals, practical requirements, assessment methods to support decision making, considerations for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, application to an individual child, and future directions.
The book’s consistent chapter format makes it easy for students to evaluate and compare treatment approaches.
And with the brief, memorable DVD clips of each approach in action, students will have vivid illustrations of the interventions that they can’t get from any other textbook.
An essential text for future practitioners—and an ideal resource for in-service professional development—this book is the key to choosing and implementing the best interventions for children with language disorders.