Asperger Syndrome

Strategies for Solving the Social Puzzle

Nancy J. Kaufman | Vicki Lord Larson
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What is Asperger syndrome (AS) all about? This informative book gives an overview of Asperger syndrome’s history, definitions, assessments, statistics, characteristic expectations, and challenges. However, the main focus is on intervention in the areas of social skills, academics, sensory and motor disabilities, and behavior management.
The text is written for teachers, SLPs, and other educators who want to know how best to teach students with AS and work with their parents. It is also for parents who want to know how to best help their child. Asperger Syndrome is an extensive review of the best, most recent literature and best practices from educational personnel. A quickreference glossary helps professionals easily locate the AS information they are seeking. Includes a CD-ROM.

  • Pages 200
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  • Copyright 2005