Workbook for the Identification of Phonological Processes and Distinctive Features

Fourth Edition
Robert J. Lowe
  • Target Group Clinicians and college students who will be assessing children with&
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The fourth edition of this workbook adds new information to the field of speech–language pathology. It is practical, easy to understand, and a valuable supplement for the practicing clinician, or students studying articulation and phonology. It (1) provides a foundation for understanding concepts/constructs used by contemporary tests and assessments in articulation and phonology, (2) focuses on the most frequently used processes and features, (3) familiarizes students with phonological processes and distinctive features, and (4) provides hands-on practices along with answer keys.

Groups of phonological processes are presented, along with their definitions.
Exercises are provided at the end of each major section to help the reader develop a working knowledge of the various processes. Answers to these exercises and to two mini-quizzes appear at the end of the book.

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  • Copyright 2010