Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

20 Instructional Strategies That Engage the Brain

Second Edition
Marcia L. Tate
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Make learning an unforgettable experience for you and your students with brain-compatible strategies!

How can I improve my students’ retention of what they have learned? For any teacher asking this vital question, the second edition of Marcia L. Tate’s bestseller offers 20 field-tested, brain-compatible instructional strategies that maximize memory, engagement, and learning for every student.

Each concise chapter provides an overview of the brain research and learning style theory behind a specific strategy, sample classroom activities that can be used immediately, and an opportunity to reflect on how to apply the strategy in instruction. Teachers will learn how to make their classrooms come alive with active learning techniques such as:
• Using graphic organizers, semantic maps, and word webs
• Engaging students through music, rhythm, rhyme, and rap
• Harnessing the power of reciprocal teaching and cooperative learning
• Implementing project-based and problem-based instruction
• Leading students through visualization and guided imagery exercises

Because students learn best when they are focused and engaged, these research-based teaching strategies enable teachers not only to promote long-term retention of information, but also to increase student motivation and academic success.