Culturally Proficient Instruction

A Guide for People Who Teach

Third Edition
Kikanza Nuri-Robins | Delores B. Lindsey | Randall B. Lindsey | Raymond D. Terrell
  • Grades Secondary, PreK - 12, Elementary
  • Pages 224
  • Format 7" x 10"
  • Product Code 9781412988148 ( MR #055585 )

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Are you doing all you can to improve teaching and learning?

Culturally proficient instruction is the result of an inside-out journey of teaching and learning during which you explore your values and behaviors while evaluating the policies and practices of your workplace. The journey deepens your understanding of yourself and your community of practice. In the newest version of their best-selling book, the authors invite you to reflect on how you engage with your students and your colleagues as a community of learners. The third edition features a case study to show cultural proficiency in practice and:
  • An updated discussion of standards-based education guidelines
  • A conceptual framework for the tools of cultural proficiency
  • New language for understanding the microaggressions of dominant cultures
  • An integrated guide for use with study groups
Each chapter contains reflective activities and group work conducive to collaborative professional development. Culturally Proficient Instruction is invaluable for anyone dedicated to creating an environment in which all learners can succeed.

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