Writing Whizardry

70 Mini-lessons to Teach Elaborative Writing Skills

Second Edition
Maity Schrecengost
  • Grades 3 - 8
  • Pages 152
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If you've ever said to your intermediate writers, "Write more about this topic!" you're not alone. Unelaborated writing is a top challenge for teachers and the number one reason students score poorly on writing assessments. But how do you teach students to show and not tell? What are the specific techniques all strong writers choose to produce clear, well-elaborated narrative and expository writing? Writing Whizardry gives you 70 self-contained elaboration mini-lessons—each focusing on a specific Target Skill® elaboration technique. Each lesson pairs a writing sample that needs revision with a micro-mentor text example of polished writing—saving you time and energy. Choose the lessons you need to reinforce particular skills, or use the book regularly as an important component of your writing workshop. Additional literature suggestions enable you to extend and reinforce the lessons, and the reproducibles and black-line masters give you flexible instructional options for different instructional settings. Writing Whizardry helps you: easily tailor writing workshops to meet writing deficiencies; save time with ready-to-go elaboration strategies; and cover virtually all the elaboration techniques writers use. Whether you use Writing Whizardry in literacy stations, small-group, or whole-class settings, you will watch your students grow into enthusiastic writers who know exactly how to create clear, detailed, “show-me” writing.

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