Medical and Psychosocial Problems in the Classroom

The Teacher's Role in Diagnosis and Management

Fifth Edition
Robert H.A. Haslam | Peter J. Valletutti
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Now in its fifth edition, this outstanding resource for teachers and school professionals has been retitled Medical and Psychosocial Problems in the Classroom, to more accurately reflect what teachers encounter during the course of their careers. Each chapter highlights the important role teachers play when interacting with health-care teams to identify students with potentially serious disorders or working with those professionals to enhance the student’s learning in the classroom. For example:
  • What facts should the educator know about the student with epilepsy?
  • Is it possible that the child’s declining academic performance is due to the medication used to prevent seizures, or are there associated behavioral issues that are interfering with concentration and alertness?
  • What role can the teacher and coach assume in the management of an athlete with significant memory impairment and related symptoms following a concussion during football practice?
  • What steps can the teacher take in assisting the hard-of-hearing student or the child with diabetes mellitus?
  • What measures can the teacher and school administrators take to prevent school violence and bullying?
Medical and Psychosocial Problems in the Classroom is for teachers of both general and special education classes, for pre-service and in-service education for the novice and the experienced teacher, and for school administrators seeking to better serve the students in their care. This book will alert readers to the existence of various medical and psychosocial problems encountered in the classroom, especially those conditions affecting learning and behavior, and to the important role the educator plays in the diagnosis and/or management of medical and psychosocial problems of students.

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