Delores B. Lindsey | Randall B. Lindsey | Shirley M. Hord | Valerie von Frank
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Professional development that increases educator effectiveness and student success!

Learning Forward is a leader in understanding and advancing professional learning that leads to student success. This series explores Learning Forward’s seven Standards for Professional Learning which outline the characteristics of effective professional learning that, collectively, advance teaching and learning.

This volume gives teachers and administrators a detailed roadmap for implementing the Outcomes standard. Deepen you knowledge of this standard with:

• An original essay by Delores B. Lindsey and Randall B. Lindsey on using the lens of Cultural Proficiency to highlight the theme of educational equity that is embedded in the standard
• Practical tools that guide leaders in finding coherence between performance standards for educators and curriculum standards for students
• A powerful case study to illustrate how the standard was enacted across a major urban school district
With this book, educators will reach new heights in professional growth and students will reap the benefits!