Creating Life-Long Learners

Using Project-Based Management to Teach 21st Century Skills

Todd Stanley
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Wanted for the global workforce: thinkers (and those who can teach them)

Where K-12 instruction once centered on content and memorization, today’s educators want, most of all, to teach their students to think critically and perceptively. What better way than with project-based learning (PBL)? Author Todd Stanley provides a teacher-friendly, step-by-step approach to implementing PBL, focusing on the 21st century “three R’s”: readiness, responsibility, and relevance.

Educators will be prepared to put this practical methodology to work right away, as they learn how to

•Use project and classroom management skills to create a positive, productive learning environment
•Develop curriculum around ten different project types
•Link projects with today’s standards
•Teach students how to effectively collaborate and bring out the best in each other
Readers will find an abundance of ideas and clear guidance, along with new strategies for instilling the skills students need for tomorrow’s workforce.

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