Using Quality Feedback to Guide Professional Learning

A Framework for Instructional Leaders

Shawn Clark | Abbey Duggins
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Professional development just got more effective.

To really help teachers grow and have a more positive impact on their students, transform your feedback! With this guide to quality feedback, you’ll get your message across clearly and successfully, and promote professional growth as never before—with lasting results.

Whether you work with novices, struggling teachers, or good teachers with potential for greatness, this book will help you give feedback that’s both heard and understood. Features include

•Research-based coverage aligned with the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning
•Structures for responding to teacher-created assessments, live observations, and videotaped lessons
•Advice that fits seamlessly into existing initiatives and support systems
•Tools, artifacts, vignettes, and examples of quality feedback in practice
The benefits of quality feedback are powerful, including high levels of accountability, bridges to new learning, and continuous improvement. Put it to work with your team and see the results for yourself.

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