Beginning the Principalship

A Practical Guide for New School Leaders

Fourth Edition
John C. Daresh | Linda Alexander
  • Pages 224
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The Ultimate Resource to cultivate self-awareness and excellence in Today’s Principals

A commitment to continuous improvement paves the road to true leadership. New and veteran principals who understand this will translate thoughts into sound decisions and inspire a vision that can nurture others. They will drive progress and invite innovation. These are today’s newest superheroes, leading by example and cultivating greatness in others.
But every superhero needs a mentor. In this updated bestseller, Beginning the Principalship, Daresh and Alexander offer intensive encouragement and help in a practical hands-on guide to help principals navigate the challenges of school leadership. The strategies and cases included here will inspire all school leaders and nurture their passion for the immense responsibility they have undertaken.

Practical Questions, Points to Ponder, and numerous examples in every chapter help foster reflection and collaboration to build a shared vision for campus improvement. Plus, discover how to:

•Drive student learning as the primary mission of the school
•Deal with others’ expectations of you as principal
•Master the technical skills needed to run an efficient school
•Create and clarify a personal professional growth plan
•Work effectively with the greater community and parents
•Celebrate instructional and non-instructional staff in a positive school culture
Don’t just survive your years as principal. Read this guide and thrive!

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