Essential Sight Words Reading Program

Nita Sundbye | Norma Dyck | Flora Wyatt
  • Reading Level 1 - 5
  • Grades / Interest Level 1 - 12
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #062345 )
Teaches 200 High-Frequency Words

Turn struggling learners into successful readers with this research-based reading program. With 30 high-interest books and over 650 reproducible pages, the complete program provides multiple opportunities to learn and read 200 sight words within a meaningful context. Field tests show that the program is an effective teaching method for a wide variety of student populations, including struggling readers, students with learning differences, and English language learners of all ages.
Rooted in Research
Written by three professors of education, the Essential Sight Words Reading Program incorporates research-based strategies throughout its easy-to-use system. The 200 words at the core of the program represent the most frequently-used words in the English language according to both the Kucera and Francis word list and the Harris-Jacobsen Short Readability Word List.
Instructional activities have been carefully designed to give students varied and repeated practice in identifying, understanding, reading, and writing each word. The books use carefully controlled vocabulary and realistic illustrations to help struggling learners read successfully and fluently.
Five Steps to Reading Success
The instructional process involves five easy steps:
  1. Pretest
  2. Instruction through Guided Worksheets
  3. Mastery Test
  4. Successful Reading with Books
  5. Posttest