Reading Fluency

set of 4 books
Betty Lou Kratoville
  • Grades / Interest Level 3 and up
  • Reading Level 1 - 4
  • Product Code 8518-8 ( MR #062356 )

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High Noon Reading Fluency is a four level program designed to give students the extra practice they need to help build fluency in reading. Reading fluency is commonly defined as the seamless mastery of speed, accuracy, and comprehension. It is a crucial benchmark that defines success in reading, and the instructional key to achieving fluency is to provide students with an abundance of reading opportunities.
Each level of High Noon Reading Fluency includes 30 fiction and nonfiction high interest, low level reading passages.
Passages are approximately 250 words in length and each is followed by five comprehension questions and an optional writing prompt
Students can use the program independently to build their rate and accuracy. Once they reach their target reading rate and demonstrate comprehension, they move to the next level of the program.
When used with groups, the program provides opportunites for other activities that build reading fluency: modeling, choral reading, and oral timed reading. These features combine to make High Noon Reading Fluency a flexible tool for fluency instruction.
Each book is 48 pp., 8½" x11" format.