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For Nonverbal Children

Functional Vocabulary Kit

373-page manual with pre/post assessments, picture cards, grids and 480 Boardmaker® picture cards
Brenda Addington
  • Ages 4 - 10
  • Grades PreK - 5
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Establish a 400-word vocabulary in nonverbal children and lay the foundation for communicating with pictures and signs.  Children learn the new vocabulary in a variety of formats so they truly comprehend the words.
The teaching methods are what most nonverbal children need—rote, systematic, and familiar.  
The activities progress in the hierarchy that most verbal children acquire language:
  • learning labels and attaching meaning
  • developing vocabulary and concepts
  • expanding vocabulary knowledge through associations and experience
The vocabulary is divided into five themes: Home, Community, Food, School, and Animals.  Each theme consists of eight units and each unit teaches 10 functional vocabulary words (total of 80 vocabulary words in each theme).
The kit includes:
  • 480 Boardmaker® symbols on perforated cards and on reproducible grids
  • includes online access to printable grids (in color and black and white) and vocabulary cards (in color)
  • 373-page manual with complete lesson plans
  • sign language photos that correlate with Boardmaker® symbols and manual sign descriptions
  • pre/post assessment for each theme
  • progress charts
Step-by-step lessons are sequenced in this hierarchical order:
Identifying Labels—Unit vocabulary is introduced with individual picture vocabulary cards.  Students identify labels by pointing to single pictures.
Learning Gestures & Signs—Photographs and descriptions for sign language are provided for each vocabulary word.
Listening Critically—Students answer questions about the vocabulary words when given two-picture choices.  You have a choice of using simple or complex foils.
Fill-Ins—Students answer fill-in questions using simple or complex two-picture choices.
Answering Yes/No Questions 1 and 2—Use two-picture choices and yes/no icons to teach yes/no responses.
Simple Pointing with a Grid—Students practice pointing to vocabulary items on a grid.
Classifying—Students identify vocabulary by attributes, functions, and categories.
Enrichment and Extension Activities—Use music, literature, and hands-on activities to expand vocabulary.
Complete Kit includes: 373-page manual with pre/post assessments, and online access to reproducible picture cards and grids in color and black and white, plus 480 Boardmaker® picture cards on card stock, all in a sturdy storage box.

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