Functional Routines for Adolescents & Adults

Beverly Plass
  • Ages 12 - Adult
  • Grades 7 - Adult
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #064193 )

Use narrative-based language intervention to help clients increase their interactions with friends, family, and co-workers.These illustrated lessons are for teens and adults with developmental disabilities, autism, and/or English Language Learners.

The language lessons teach clients to generate narratives while focusing on listening, expression, vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills.The materials use a strategy similar to the Teaching Tales model used with clients with autism (Blank, McKirdy, & Payne, 1997).This approach lets you target a variety of speech and language skills based on client need.

Each book has 25 age-appropriate lessons.Each lesson consists of a four-part picture sequence (i.e., a routine) and a corresponding page of language stimuli.Three levels of language stimuli allow you to easily adapt the lesson to your client's needs:
• Beginner—two or three simple sentences per routine
• Intermediate—three or four sentences per routine, more complex grammar, and sequence words like first and next
• Advanced—four or five sentences per routine, more complex grammar, sequence words, and mental states such as thoughts, feelings, desires, and perceptions

Every lesson progresses in this sequence:
• activate prior knowledge
• listen to the story (routine)
• story (routine) comprehension questions
• retell the story (routine) with and without pictures
• extension task