Hard Conversations Unpacked

The Whos, the Whens, and the What-Ifs

Jennifer Abrams | Douglas Fisher, PhD | Nancy Frey
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Learn to speak up for what really matters!

Tough talks are never easy, but in her best-selling book, Having Hard Conversations, Jennifer Abrams showed educators how to speak  intentionally with colleagues about work-related issues through a planned, interactive, and personal approach. In this sequel, she moves readers deeper into the nuances of how to prepare for those conversations while building expectations for positive and meaningful outcomes.  
 Putting clarity before accountability, or by being clear about what should be understood before going in, can and will increase the favorable results of those tough talks. With an emphasis on what needs to happen before, during, and after hard conversations, this resource explores
  • What humane, growth-producing, and “other-centered” conversations sound like
  • How race, culture, gender, and generational filters influence perceptions and how to account for them
  • How to spot and work with organizational dynamics that could influence discussions
  • How to conduct hard conversations with supervisors
Plan for positive outcomes from hard conversations. Let this resource empower you to expect and professionally navigate environmental influences, unexpected pushback, and uncomfortable silences toward real understanding and progress.

  • Chapter 1 - Is This Really a Hard Conversation or Something Else?

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