Vocalic R To Go

Beverly Plass
  • Ages 6 - 17
  • Grades 1 - 12
  • Pages 102
  • Product Code 31176 ( MR #064242 )

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Successfully train seven vocalic /r/ contexts with a variety of elicitation techniques, creative practice activities, auditory stimulation, and humor.

This comprehensive, systematic program includes:
•deep tests of "r," vocalic "r," and oral motor skills
•24 ways to elicit "er"
•auditory stimulation exercises
•activities adaptable to word, phrase, and sentence level
•numerous practice opportunities on each page
•age-appropriate vocabulary
•IEP goals
•carryover activities including puzzles, riddles, barrier games, and other games

The activities are designed for easy measurement of progress. Most of the lessons have a "challenge" exercise. Children enjoy practicing and telling the "r" loaded jokes interspersed throughout the activities.

Train production of vocalic /r/ in these contexts:
•stressed "er" (bird, nurse, circle)
•unstressed "er" (dinner, washer, singer)
•"ar" (army, car, alarm)
•"air" (arrow, square, canary)
•"ear" (ear buds, sphere, cheerful)
•"ire" (Irish, umpire, siren)
•"or" (Oregon, score, fourteen)
•"rl" (coral, girl)