The Reel Classroom

An Introductions to Film Studies and Filmmaking

Jeff Danielian | Uriah Donnelly
  • Grades 6 - 9
  • Pages 148
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The Reel Classroom: An Introduction to Film Studies and Filmmaking presents an educator-­facilitated curriculum that focuses on a variety of aspects concerning the appreciation of film and the filmmaking process. With a goal to turn "movie day" into a teaching and learning opportunity—rather than a virtual day off for students—this book will help invigorate classrooms of all disciplines by incorporating documentaries, feature films, short films, and animated films into the regular curriculum. Chapters begin with short and effective introductions to the specified concept with accompanying class discussion ideas and background information for the teacher. Each chapter will conclude with reproducible handouts and assignment sheets along with two to three sample activities/opportunities for assessment. Suggestions for films to be used for each discipline will also be given.

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