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2-book set
Barbara A. Roseman | Karin L. Johnson
  • Ages 2 - 6
  • Grades Toddler - 1
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Use play-based activities with clear goals and techniques to shape fluency.  This program is adaptable to direct and indirect therapy and meets the needs and interests of young children.
Experienced and beginning clinicians love the Easy Does It series for its:
  • detailed explanation of therapy techniques
  • systematic lesson plans
  • clear goals and objectives
  • student practice activities and materials
  • take-home activities
Easy Does It for Fluency Preschool/Primary is based on the premise that much learning takes place through modeling.  Fluency is shaped through motor, linguistic, and psychosocial changes.  The activities are play-based and supplemented with materials from the 169 page Materials Book.  
The program is organized around five levels of progress:  
  1.  Experiencing Easy Speech: The child experiences fluency through the use of slow, easy speech using slightly exaggerated inflection patterns. (Inflection patterns and speaking rate are normalized as the child progresses.)
  2. Establishing Easy Speech: The child imitates the use of easy speech in stereotyped and carrier sentences, and progresses to using easy speech in novel sentences.  Thirty-four play-based activities are outlined with instructions, materials, and home activities.  
  3. Desensitizing to Fluency Disrupters: The child maintains the use of easy speech while tolerating pressures which may disrupt fluency.  Disruptors are presented in the form of people, noise, interruptions, new locations, contradictions, time pressures, emotional topics, and competition.
  4. Transferring Fluency: The child uses easy speech in real-life situations.  Activities begin with semi-structured tasks and progress to spontaneous speaking tasks.  The response type becomes more conversational and the length of responses increases.  
  5. Maintaining Fluency: Direct therapy contacts are reduced as the child maintains the use of easy speech for longer periods of time without therapy intervention.
The all-in-one program includes:
  • therapy manual with 188 activities
  • 169 page materials book
  • troubleshooting tips and suggestions for modifications
  • home activities
  • home and school letters
  • sample lesson plans

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