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Why Are School Buses Always Yellow?

Teaching for Inquiry, PreK-8

Second Edition
John F. Barell
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Turn natural curiosity into deep, lasting learnings!

Inquiry is what drives us all toward new knowledge, but how do we transform children’s natural ability to notice and wonder into the full learning cycle of observing, thinking, and critically questioning?
Through this new edition of the bestselling Why Are School Buses Always Yellow? you’ll find simple, yet systematic ways to develop authentic student inquiry that fosters deep learning. This new edition features:
  • Updates based on the latest research around inquiry-based teaching
  • Emphasis on turning inquiry into critical thinking, assessing students’ inquiry, and involving families in the inquiry process
  • Examples for K–8 across subject areas
  • New emphasis on critical thinking about technologies
  • New and updated activities, checklists, templates, and implementation tools
  • Alignment with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards
With this invaluable resource, help students transform their playful wonderings into deeper questions about content—and develop the higher-level thinking skills they need for success in school and in life.

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