Living on Your Own

Don Bastian | Tom Kinney | Elizabeth Conn
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #064620 )
Teaches housekeeping activities and interpersonal skills.

Living on Your Own teaches a wide range of housekeeping activities and related interpersonal skills. Activities include the basics like setting the table and mopping the floor, outdoor maintenance, and living with roommates. The heavily illustrated Survival Guide features vocabulary, step-by-step activity sequences, comprehension quizzes, and photo essays featuring age appropriate models for these 34 activities:

Straightening Up
Using a Hand Vacuum
Taking Out Garbage
Emptying Wastebaskets
Watering Plants
Doing Laundry
Shaking Rugs
Indoor Maintenance
Dust Mopping
Cleaning Windows
Caring for Pets
Cleaning Smudges
Cleaning Bathroom
Outdoor Maintenance
Mopping the Floor
Cleaning Shower/Tub
Home Safety Issues
Sponge Mopping
Cleaning Toilet Area
Getting Along with Neighbors
Hand Scrubbing
Putting Clothes Away
Having Roommates
Vacuuming Floors
Changing the Bed
Internet Safety
Vacuuming Carpets
Doing Dishes
Vacuuming Furniture
Cleaning After a Meal