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Edmark's Early Academic Series

Judi Kinney
  • Grades PK - 12
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Three books feature characters from the software series

Edmark’s Early Academic Series provides early learners fun, lesson-based activities in math, science, and language arts. The three books feature the characters found in the popular software series, and present a wide variety of engaging activities and worksheets.
Bailey’s Book House presents the alphabet, prepositions and stories with engaging characters and many opportunities for language learning. Gives students practice on difficult-to-learn concepts—like prepositions, letter sounds, writing letters, common adjectives, plus three-letter and compound words.
Millie’s Math House features interactive activities covering arithmetic, patterns and problem solving. Gives students practice on patterns, numerals, counting, graphing, plus simple addition/subtraction.
Sammy’s Science House helps young scientists build their understanding of biology, weather and observation skills.
Each book includes a PDF on CD with a Classroom License for printouts. Ideal for individual or group instruction.

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