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Later Language Development

School-Age Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

Fourth Edition
Marilyn A. Nippold
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Now in its fourth edition and with extensive updated research, Later Language Development addresses the development of spoken and written language from Kindergarten through early adulthood.

The information in this text describes the critical connection between language development and school success. This is an essential reference for undergraduate and graduate students in Communication Disorders and Sciences, as well as professional SLPs. Students and professionals in regular education and special education also benefit from this text.

New to this edition:

• Greater emphasis is placed on school success. A section describing “Implications for Education” is included with each chapter to help the professional facilitate school success.
• Each chapter has been thoroughly updated with new research.
• A new chapter, “Language: The Foundation for School Success” emphasizing critical thinking is included.
• A new chapter, “Expository Discourse” is included.

Later Language Development provides the foundation for school success. It is essential reading for anyone who works with students in K-12 and beyond.

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