LanguageLinks to Literacy

Full Blended Curriculum

Mary Sweig Wilson, PhD, CCC-SLP | Bernard J. Fox, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Grades preK and up
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Language Skills Step by Step

Language skills are inextricably linked to literacy. This is particularly true of syntax, since understanding and producing sentences is foundational to reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Through a series of grant-funded research studies, lead author Mary Sweig Wilson has developed a framework that systematically teaches these essential concepts to students with language delays, including those with intellectual disability and autism.

LanguageLinks® to Literacy is for students 3 years old and up. It incorporates systematic instruction and ongoing assessments to teach 40 lessons covering concepts like Is/Are, He/She/They, Mine/Yours, How/Why/Where, and Above/Below. LanguageLinks® to Literacy is a blended curriculum, seamlessly integrating print components with software. This blended approach creates an engaging learning process and encompasses both independent and instructor-led instruction. The software focuses on receptive skills while the print components assess and teach expressive language skills. Since both formats share the same lesson structure, moving between print and software is easy and effective.
• Includes 40 structured modules
• Blends print and software formats
• Provides initial and ongoing assessments
• Teaches receptive and expressive language skills
• Offers a strong empirical research base

LanguageLinks® to Literacy is sold as a complete curriculum, providing everything you need to teach a diverse group of students.

The print components include an Expressive Syntax Assessment book, plus padded Scoring Forms for pre- and post-testing. The Instructor’s Manual provides 40 structured lesson plans for expressive language intervention. Use the Lesson Picture Book for one-to-one or small group instruction. Student Activity Books (3 copies) reinforce and expand skills to include text-based lessons. The Implementation Guide explains how to use the curriculum’s components, provides an analysis of its research base, and includes a CD with PDFs for printouts of the Student Activity Book, Instructor's Manual and Implementation Guide.

The software features 40 interactive modules that incorporate Optimized Intervention®. This powerful technology presents students with the exact lessons they need by continually analyzing their response patterns. This approach tailors instruction to each student’s unique abilities and encourages independence. Your students will quickly find success, plus the engaging animated characters will bring them back for more! Initial and ongoing assessments provide the data you need to see exactly how each student is performing. Software is scanning capable and allows unlimited student logins.

All books spiralbound: Implementation Guide (87 pages), Instructor's Manual (168 pages), Student Activity Book (132 pages), Lesson Picture Book (297 pages), Expressive Syntax Book (283 pages).

A supplemental package of 8 additional Student Activity Books is available separately.

  • Curriculum Kit

  • Implementation Guide

  • Instructor's Manual

  • Student Activity Book

  • Software

  • Expressive Syntax Assessment

  • Lesson Picture Book

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