PASS Curriculum

Promoting Awareness of Speech Sounds

Froma Roth, PhD, CCC-SLP | Colleen Worthington, MS, CCC-SLP | Gary Troia, PhD, CCC-SLP
  • Grades PK - 2
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Play-based, well researched, all inclusive.

PASS leads to reading!
It is the first-ever, research-based, phonological awareness program for preschoolers that extends to early elementary-aged children. Aligned to state and national standards, including the common core.
Goldie the Dog is the program mascot—she makes it all really fun! Goldie is an engaging puppy hand-puppet that will motivate your young students to rhyme, segment and blend syllables, and segment and blend phonemes—the phonological awareness skills that lead to early literacy skills.
  • 3 units of instruction: Rhyming, Blending, and Segmentation
  • 76 lessons within a clearly constructed scope and sequence to ensure phonological awareness success for children
  • Aligns to state and national standards, including the common core Standards for English Language Arts
  • 9 popular storybooks linked to the curriculum
  • Suggestions for modeling and effective instructional feedback
  • Criterion-based assessment to monitor progress (that aligns with Response-to-Intervention—RTI—programs)
Six distinct research studies have demonstrated that direct instruction using PASS—which includes 3 units and 76 lessons of instruction—has a significant positive effect on children’s development of phonological awareness skills. PASS explicitly addresses national Head Start and state Preschool Learning Fundamentals outcomes in the areas of Language and Literacy. PASS supports development in outcomes for Social and Emotional Development, Approaches to Learning, Creative Arts Expression, and Physical Development and Health.
  • 3 Teacher’s Guides (Rhyming, Blending, and Segmentation)
  • Student Flip Book
  • Implementation Guide
  • Goldie the puppy puppet
  • 9 storybooks
  • 7 game boards with game pieces
  • 380 game cards
  • miscellaneous manipulative materials based on a puppy theme
  • PDFs on CD
  • all in a sturdy storage box

  • PASS Curriculum Brochure

  • Research

  • Research Citation

  • Blending Teacher's Guide

  • Silly Animals Gameboard

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