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What's Cool About Music

Complete Program

reader, software, and iPad app
Stuart Stotts | Joni Nygard, CCC-SLP
  • Grades K - 12
  • Product Code COOL-10 ( MR #065101 )

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Builds music appreciation while reinforcing literacy skills

What’s Cool About Music has 36 stories in 6 thematic units: Big Picture, Music Over Time, Music Styles, Musical Instruments, Rock Concert, and World Music. This blended curriculum seamlessly integrates a traditional book with software and a iPad app.
The blended approach helps you teach all your students effectively and creates an engaging learning process for your students.
The What’s Cool About Music Book presents photo-illustrated stories, organized into six sequential chapters, with comprehension exercises and vocabulary guides. The Software and App bring the book to life with musical effects, professional story narration linked to text highlighting, and fun comprehension activities. Hundreds of sound clips illustrate musical concepts like rhythm and melody, sounds of instruments, and styles like country and jazz. Both the Software and App give student reports, accommodate switch users, and allow unlimited student log ins with personalized options.
What’s Cool About Music includes the book with a PDF on disc and a Classroom License for printouts, software on disc, and iPad app.