Teaching Phonological Awareness in the Classroom

Manual, 195 full-colour cards (8½" x 11"), sticker dots, and a 45-minute DVD
Orna Lenchner | Blanche Podhajski
  • Ages 3 - 7
  • Grades PreK - 2
  • Product Code 37625 ( MR #065136 )

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Use songs, games, and hands-on activities for phonological awareness practice.

The Sounds Abound Program includes manual with lesson plans, 195 full-size picture cards, and an instructional DVD.
This program helps meet the needs of children with varied levels of phonological awareness. Sequential classroom activities include adaptations for different learning styles. The easy-to-read manual includes tools to help you choose appropriate activities. The picture cards are used in the activities to illustrate the target words, syllables, and phonemes.
The detailed lesson plans/activities include:
  • purpose and grade level
  • seating arrangement
  • materials list (picture cards, classroom, and household items)
  • text, game, book, song, or rhyme (e.g., Duck, Duck, Goose; The Hungry Thing ; If You're Happy and You Know It)
  • preparatory activities
  • instructions, examples, and teaching suggestions
  • Follow-up activity
  • variations for advanced students and students needing further instruction
Target these skills:
  • rhyme recognition, completion, and production
  • syllable segmentation and deletion
  • phoneme isolation and segmentation
  • phoneme deletion, substitution, addition, and blending
  • phoneme-grapheme correspondence