Early Articulation Books for Cleft Palate Speech

Set of 6 Books

Kristi Chamberlain
  • Ages 2 - 7
  • Grades Toddler - 2
  • Product Code 31054 ( MR #065305 )

Price $96.00

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Children with a repaired cleft palate relate well to adorable Chippy the Chipmunk as his big sister Twitch helps him improve his articulation skills and eliminate compensatory errors.

Six storybooks with captivating illustrations help children visualize the skills they are learning. Clinician's notes are provided in each story to more fully explain therapy techniques, troubleshoot potential problems, and give tips for successful sound production. Activities to further develop the target skills are listed on the last page of each book.

Each book addresses a specific aspect of cleft palate speech. The books provide an evidence-based skill progression when they are used in numerical order.