Principal Voice

Listen, Learn, Lead

Russell J. Quaglia
  • Pages 72
  • Copyright 2016
  • Product Code 9781506330433 ( MR #065333 )

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Develop Your Most Powerful Tool For Influencing And Leading Change

Good principals know that empowering student voices is essential. But what about their own voice? If principal voice is not articulate, trustworthy and strong, how can the school achieve progress?
 Student voice authority Russell Quaglia brings his nuanced understanding of communication, listening, and leadership to this definitive guide to principal voice. Content includes:
  • How to apply the Listen-Learn-Lead model for student voice to principal voice.
  • Contrasting examples of good and bad ways to address students, teachers, parents and community.
  • Prompts for reflection that enable principals to apply the book’s teachings to their unique situation.

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