Language BURST

A Language and Vocabulary Game

100 double-sided game cards, 4 divider cards, attributes hint card, timer, shielded decoder, pencil
Lauri Whiskeyman
  • Ages 8 - Adult
  • Grades 3 - Adult
  • Product Code 37426 ( MR #065536 )


Accomplish a lot of language-learning in a short amount of time with this fast-paced game. Build vocabulary, verbal expression, and reasoning.
The 100 game cards included in LanguageBURST are divided into four skill areas:
  • Quickly fill-in-the-blanks to make words or phrases that make sense.
  • Students build vocabulary and thinking skills.
  • Example: ____________ party (Birthday party, block party, bowling party, costume party, going-away party, holiday party [Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.], political party, pool party, slumber party, surprise party)
  • List items in a category, matching as many of the words on the stimulus card as possible.
  • There are 25 categories including Crunchy Things, Forms of Punctuation, Dinosaurs, Large Mammals, and more.
  • Example—Indoor Sports: basketball, bowling, gymnastics, ice hockey, ice-skating, martial arts, soccer, swimming, volleyball, wrestling
  • Describe an item, listing as many things as possible about the item.
  • A hint card listing types of attributes (e.g., category, parts, size, and smell) may be displayed to help players.
  • Example—Eagle: bird of prey; flies; has a beak, wings, and feathers; large; lives in North America; mates for life; national symbol of the United States; once endangered; pictured on U.S. money; white head and brown body
Comparing and Contrasting
  • List five ways two items are alike and five ways they are different.
  • Example—Water/Milk: Alike—come in gallon jugs, cook with both, drink both, help you grow, liquids; Different—milk comes from cows, milk is thicker, milk is white/brown (chocolate), need water to live, wash with
The stimulus items are taken from the curriculum and every day life. Higher-level items are included to challenge the older players. Each double-sided card has 20 target words/stimuli. Players are divided into two teams: the delivering team and the receiving team. A game card is inserted into a shielded decoder, making the correct answers (target words) visible only to the delivering team. The delivering team announces the language area and the stimulus topic and sets the timer. The receiving team then gives answers as the delivering team keeps track of the responses by marking them off on the game card with a grease pencil. Players name as many of the words on the shielded card as they can within the time limit.

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