The Early Intervention Kit

therapy guide, activities book & CD and language cards
Nancy B. Swigert
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This favorite of SLPs who provide birth to three services has the essential information and tools for successful early intervention services. Effectively address assessment, intervention, and documentation for pre-linguistic skills, speech and language development, and sound production. The Early Intervention Kit includes:

Therapy Guide
Information on assessment, goals, treatment, and documentation including these helps specific to early intervention:
• complete inventory of speech and language developmental milestones
• short-term and long-term goals for pre-linguistic skills, receptive and expressive language, and sound production
• development of communicative intent and functions
• how to adjust for prematurity
• home-based vs. center-based assessments
• the Hawaii Preparing for Integrated Preschool Assessment
• Symbolic Play Scale Checklist
• documentation forms (print from the FREE CD)
• developing the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
• strategies for parental input and involvement in therapy
• overview of medical disorders and syndromes
• implementation of AAC

Activities Book
More than 200 activities address prelinguistic skills, receptive language, expressive language, and sound production in a developmental sequence. Educational handouts supplement teaching and can be printed from the CD. Each activity includes:
• treatment objective and goals
• instructions and teaching suggestions
• expected age of development
• list of materials/toys needed

Sign Language Cards
• vocabulary words
• the alphabet
• numbers 1-10
• copy the cards or print them from the CD

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