Vocabulary Stories for Toddlers

Set of 5 Books

Rosemary Huisingh, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Grades Toddler - K
  • Product Code 31215 ( MR #065898 )

*Discontinued and no longer available.

These attention-keeping stories and their free companion activities will equip early learners with skills in vocabulary, concepts, receptive and expressive language, phonological awareness, and early literacy.

These durable board books pack a lot of learning with:
• rhyming stories loaded with early vocabulary words
• new, challenging vocabulary introduced in context-rich language
• FREE download of companion activities, music, and pictures for each book

The activities, teaching suggestions, and songs and actions in the FREE downloads stimulate a variety of verbal interactions and greatly enhance the teaching opportunities of the books. Target skills in:
• Rhyme with songs with actions
• Receptive and expressive language
• Receptive and expressive vocabulary
• Concepts
• Verbs
• Phonological awareness
• Literacy
• Transfer of learning outside of therapy

The Vocabulary Stories for Toddlers 5-book set consists of:
• In the Kitchen—Ordinary kitchen appliances come to life to explain how they work. Learn vocabulary words like skillet, dishwasher, oven, and more.
•Getting Ready for Bed—Pleasant bedtime routines result in sweet dreams! Children learn words like shampoo, towel, pajamas, covers, and more.
• At the Library—Children learn all about the library and how to navigate it! Learn vocabulary words like cover, stacks, librarian, card, and more.
• My Body's Just Right for Me—This positive story promotes a healthy body image. Learn words like face, arms, short, tall, and more.
• Seasons—Seasonal activities help children differentiate spring, summer, fall, and winter. Learn words like windy, blooming, heat, and more.

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