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Social Language Development Scenes | Elementary

for Group Therapy

  • Ages 6 - 11
  • Grades 1 - 6
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The flexible format of these cards—colorful, spirited illustrations on the front and a variety of stimuli on the back—lets you target a wide range of social skills in groups or individually.
Stimulate observation, dialogue, discussion, reasoning, recall, and perspective taking with questions and narratives on the back of every card. Answers are included so you don't have any prep work!
Activities are based on research from the Social Language Development Test–Elementary and reflect a developmental progression of specific social language skills among 6- to 11-year-olds. The activities complement those in Social Language Training–Elementary with more demands on social language comprehension, expression, and reasoning.
Skill areas include:
  • Interpreting Facial Expressions & Gestures—identify, label, and describe emotions; recognize and interpret nonverbal communication appropriately
  • Multiple Interpretations—make multiple, logical interpretations of a scene based on visual and/or context clues
  • Solving Problems—analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information to identify and solve problems
  • Making Inferences—make appropriate inferences based on visual and/or context clues
  • Friendship—show kindness and respect to others and support friends, even when disagreeing with them
  • Interpersonal Negotiation—learn to compromise, problem solve, listen, negotiate, and seek mutually-pleasing resolutions to conflicts
  • Reading Between the Lines—differentiate the true meaning of a spoken comment vs. the surface meaning of only words
  • Relating Personal Experience—express personal experiences and feelings and realize the value of considering other people's perspectives