A Social Skills Game

18" x 18" folding game board; 175 game cards 25 problem-solving cards; 6 pawns; die; folder
Diane Figula
  • Ages 7 - 11
  • Grades 2 - 6
  • Product Code 37419 ( MR #066132 )

*Discontinued and no longer available.

Students enjoy learning social skills in the fun, safe atmosphere of a game format as they practice responding to everyday situations at two levels of difficulty. This game is for students with social and pragmatic deficits due to autism spectrum disorders, nonverbal learning disorder, behavioral disorders, and/or emotional disorders.
There are 200 game cards. Two levels of questions on each card allow you to teach to your students' ability level. The question cards are organized by eight skill areas:
  • Body Language—interpreting and using facial expression and posture accurately
  • Tone of Voice—use the right tone of voice for the communication intent
  • Listening—recall the main idea and details of spoken messages
  • Inferring—make accurate inferences about locations, actions, and events from the information provided
  • Giving Information—practice telling about yourself, answering questions, giving explanations
  • Imagination—improve perspective-taking and flexible thinking by telling what you would do in pretend scenarios
  • Asking Questions—generate questions in response to depicted situations and problems
  • Problem Solving—generate solutions to problems and express them clearly
The flexible game format lets you practice specific skills by focusing on selected categories of questions, developing teamwork in playing with partners, and role-playing situations for realistic interaction.

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