PERFECTION LEARNING CORPORATION FRENCH IS FUN Lively Lessons for Beginners.. Product #: 066211

French is Fun

Lively Lessons for Beginners

Gail Stein | Heywood Wald | Jerry Kreizman
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #066211 )
Create excitement around learning French with this interactive and comprehensive program!

Amusing lessons help beginning and advancing students learn communicative skills in French and attain an acceptable level of proficiency in four basic skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • vocabulary is introduced through lively illustrations that serve as mnemonic devices
  • vocabulary and grammatical structures are reinforced by brief, fun narratives
  • chapters are summarized by illustrated conversations, personalized dialogue activities, and other helpful practice
  • each lesson is followed by an Intervalle Culturel or Page Culturelle to offer students a picturesque view of French culture
  • review units feature games, puzzles, and picture stories
Companion Workbook (Cahier d'exercices)
Supplements the practice materials in the Student Edition. Vocabulary and structural elements are closely coordinated with parallel chapters in the textbook. The pages are perforated to permit the collection of home or in-class assignments.
Audio Program (Book A only)
Reinforces listening comprehension and drill pronunciation and includes
  • questions, completions, and optional oral exercises, all derived from the material in the Student Edition
  • timed pauses to allow for student repetition
  • a printed script
Teacher Manual
Provides answers to all exercises in the Student Edition and the Companion Workbook. Tests measure ongoing progress and language proficiency. Optional oral exercises are also included for every lesson.