French is Fun

Lively Lessons

Gail Stein | Heywood Wald | Jerry Kreizman
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #066211 )
Create excitement with this interactive and comprehensive program specifically designed to meet your students' foreign language graduation requirements!

Amusing lessons help beginning and advancing students learn communicative skills in French and attain an acceptable level of proficiency in four basic skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Lisons! challenge students to read and interpret authentic French material and prepare students for future testing standards
  • vocabulary is introduced through lively illustrations that serve as mnemonic devices
  • vocabulary and grammatical structures are reinforced by brief, fun narratives
  • chapters are summarized by illustrated conversations, personalized dialogue activities, and other helpful practice
  • each lesson contains a Page Culturelle in French to offer students insight into French culture
  • review units feature games, puzzles, and picture stories
NOTE:  Books A & B together are equivalent to Book 1 with the same content just split between two books.