Assessing Differentiated Student Products

Second Edition
Julia L. Roberts, EdD | Tracy Ford Inman, EdD
  • Pages 262
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The second edition of Assessing Differentiated Student Products provides educators with tremendous opportunities to differentiate instruction and facilitate continuous progress for every student. This book provides teachers with everything needed to develop and assess products developed by students. The book includes a list of suggested products; more than 100 DAP tools that assess content, presentation, creativity, and reflection at three tier levels using a multilevel performance scale for a variety of products; and detailed information on how to use these tools in the classroom. By encouraging the use of varied products to demonstrate what students have learned, DAP tools engage children, motivate, have real-world connections, require high-level thinking and problem-solving skills, accommodate learning preferences, allow for self-expression and creativity, promote ownership and pride in one's work, and develop lifelong learners.