Fiction and Nonfiction

Grade 4

Amy Price Azano | Tracy C. Missett | Melanie Caughey | Annalissa Brodersen | Mary Tackett | Carolyn M. Callahan
  • Grade 4
  • Pages 275
  • Copyright 2017
  • Product Code 9781618216496 ( MR #066318 )

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The CLEAR curriculum, developed by University of Virginia’s National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, is an evidence-based teaching model that emphasizes Challenge Leading to Engagement, Achievement, and Results. In Fiction and Nonfiction: Language Arts Units for Gifted Students in Grade 4, students will read and analyze short stories and write their own short story in the fiction unit. In the nonfiction unit, students will study nonfiction (and creative nonfiction) texts to examine how writers use many of the same devices to tell nonfiction stories. Students will read a variety of texts and will write their own memoirs. These units focus on critical literacy skills, including reading diverse content, understanding texts as reflections of culture, and finding bias in fiction and nonfiction.