Listening for Language All Year 'Round

Brenda Brumbaugh, M.A., CCC | Nan Thompson-Trenta, M.A.
  • Ages 7 - 11
  • Grades 2 - 6
  • Pages 187
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
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Charming Brennan Bear keeps children excited about learning language throughout the school year. Seasonal lessons for the classroom target listening, semantic, and written and oral language skills.
From September through May, each month's theme and language unit are introduced in a story about Brennan Bear's adventures. Listening skills are developed through story comprehension questions and exercises in following complex directions.
Other activities target these skill areas:
    • classification
    • associations
    • comparisons
    • antonyms
    • synonyms
    • multiple meanings
    • absurdities
    • analogies
    • idioms
Each month's unit includes a:
    • cover page—a full-page, humorous illustration introduces the skill and can be used on bulletin boards and notebook covers and for discussion starters
    • story—students listen to a heartwarming Brennan Bear story and answer comprehension questions about it
    • written activity—focus on vocabulary and content in writing sentences, paragraphs, letters, and newspaper reports
    • expressive activity—use these patterns to make bulletin boards and expressive language envelope activities
    • listening activity—students complete worksheets by listening to and following directions
    • notebook activities—students compile a notebook of brief activities during the lessons and use the activities to reinforce and review skills
    • take home letters and lessons—three parent letters tell about new skills and include practice activities
    • certificate of completion 
    • resource list—collection of target semantic skill examples

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