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Novel Units

Teacher Guides and Student Packets

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What makes Novel Units® so popular with teachers?
With Novel Units® in your classroom, you can immerse students in the best of classic and contemporary award-winning literature while challenging their thinking skills. Choose from the largest selection of literature guides for more than 650 novels. Each easy-to-use teacher guide and student packet includes everything you need to teach a novel.
Teacher Guides and Student Packets offer:
• the best and latest in children’s and young-adult literature
• engaging lesson plans, organized by chapter
• higher-order reading, writing, and thinking activities
• the latest in reading strategies
• timesaving activities by teachers, for teachers
• dozens of award-winning titles
• the most content-based information and activities of all the literature guides
Easy-to-use, inspiring lesson plans provide a comprehensive novel unit—the legwork is done for you. With an average 32-plus pages, the guides incorporate essential reading, writing, and thinking practice.
Teacher Guide Time-Savers:
• summary of the story
• background on the author
• pre-reading activities
• vocabulary builders
• discussion questions and answers
• graphic organizers
• writing ideas
• literary analysis
• post-reading discussion/writing ideas
• cross-curriculum extension activities
• assessment
The packets feature multiple-level reproducibles for direct student use, including activity sheets, quizzes, and a final exam. The packets include an average of 44-plus pages.
Student Packet Time-Savers:
• pre-reading activities
• study questions
• vocabulary activities
• literary analysis
• writing projects
• critical and creative thinking challenges
• comprehension quizzes
• unit tests
• answer keys
Q: Should I purchase both the Teacher Guide and the Student Packet? What’s the difference?
A: We highly recommend ordering both the Teacher Guide and the Student Packet for the novels you intend to teach. Each of these time saving products has 100% unique content, with no overlap between books. The Teacher Guide addresses the teacher, offering lesson plans, story and author background, discussion questions, and much more. The Student Packet directs activities to the student, including pre-reading activities, study questions, projects, quizzes and unit tests, and other challenges. Using the Teacher Guide and the Student Packet together will give you the quality tools you need to teach any novel thoroughly. Discover why Novel Units® has been the first choice of teachers for more than 20 years!