Secret Spies

Set of 5 books
Bob Wright
  • Reading Level 2
  • Grades / Interest Level 3 - 6
  • Pages 48 each
  • Copyright 2017
  • Product Code 2048-0 ( MR #066380 )

Price $35.00

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Meet Jo, Alex, and Jayden. Theyre 11 and 12 years old. No one knows theyre spies except Granny Pickle. Oh, and Lulubut shes a pig, so she wont talk. Join the Secret Spies as they solve cases at a haunted barn, a corn fair, a drama camp, a campground, and a clown wedding!
If you and your students liked the Leela and Ben Mysteries, youll like the Secret Spies. Theres no danger and no edgy themesjust a lot of light-hearted fun, written at one reading level above the Leela and Ben Mysteries.
  • 95% of the words are from the 1,200 most commonly used words in the English language, with an emphasis on high-frequency and decodable words.
  • 5% of the words are story specific and are defined in context and used multiple times.
  • Cohesive text promotes fluency and comprehension.
Secret Spies Get Corny
Dangerous things are happening at the Corn Fair. Who is causing all the trouble? The Secret Spies have to find out before someone gets hurt!
Lexile: 350
Secret Spies Clown Around
The Secret Spies think a clown wedding will be funnybut its not funny when someone starts stealing from the bride and groom!
Lexile: 370
Secret Spies Get Scared
There are scary sounds and lights at an old barn at night. Is the barn haunted? And why is Granny Pickle acting so strange?
Lexile: 290
Secret Spies on Stage
How hard could it be to help little kids put on a play? The Secret Spies find out when they go to Drama Kids Camp!
Lexile: 310
Secret Spies Lose Lulu
The Secret Spies are happy that Lulu can camp with them. Then Lulu gets lost, and the Secret Spies must use their tracking skills!
Lexile: 290