Taking on Tough Words

Jennifer Diliberto
  • Grades / Interest Level 6 - 12
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #066395 )
Helps struggling readers learn to decode and encode multisyllabic words.

Taking on Tough Words is a researched curriculum that helps upper elementary through high school students master the phonics rules and word recognition necessary to read and spell multisyllabic words. If students have not mastered this skill prior to 5th grade, accessing grade-level text can be challenging.
The 90 short, 15-minute lessons are ideal for remedial reading and resource programs. Lessons are scripted to help you know how to teach each rule. They are also carefully sequenced with increasing difficulty to help students approach multisyllabic words in their daily work with confidence.
Research demonstrated the effectiveness of Taking on Tough Words. Participants surpassed the control groups in word identification, word attack, and reading comprehension and showed a faster rate of progress in reading fluency.