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TILLS Examiner's Manual

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Essential for effective use of the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills™ (TILLS™), this in-depth Examiner’s Manual walks professionals through administration and scoring of the assessment. With this start-to-finish manual, TILLS examiners will:
  • review the purposes, uses, background, and components of TILLS
  • get comprehensive instructions on administering all 15 TILLS subtests
  • find answers to frequently asked questions about TILLS
  • learn specific considerations for testing students with previously identified special needs
  • get the normative data tables needed to complete TILLS scoring
  • understand how to interpret scores with the help of sample profiles for different types of students
The manual also includes the detailed instructions examiners need to complete the four charts of the Examiner Record Form:
  1. Scoring Chart. Calculate subtest scores and enter corresponding standard scores and percentile ranks, four composites based on subtest standard scores, and the student’s identification core score.
  2. Identification Chart.  Identify when a student’s score is consistent with a language/literacy disorder.
  3. Profile Chart.  Produce a visual display of patterns of relative strengths and weaknesses based on standard scores and graph your selected confidence interval.
  4. Tracking Chart. Document changes in language and literacy skills over time.
Clear and comprehensive, this indispensable guide helps professionals administer and score TILLS accurately and use the results to inform next steps.

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