The Wonder Wall

Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity

Peter Gamwell | Jane Daly | Sir Ken Robinson
  • Pages 192
  • Copyright 2017
  • Product Code 9781506357379 ( MR #066606 )

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Learn the four conditions most effective for fostering creativity

Sometimes our attempts to foster creativity can actually stifle it. Author Peter Gamwell, a former teacher and superintendent who has spent more than three decades studying creativity, shares a fresh perspective on how to nurture creativity, innovation, leadership, and engagement in a variety of settings.
You’ll learn how to:
  • Tap the creative and leadership potential in everyone
  • Think bigger by moving from a deficit model of thinking to a strength-based approach
  • Develop the lost arts of listening and storytelling to optimize learning
  • Handle the inevitable pushback and fear that transformational change can bring

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