Releasing Leadership Brilliance

Breaking Sound Barriers in Education

Simon T. Bailey | Marceta F. Reilly | Russell J. Quaglia
  • Pages 168
  • Copyright 2017
  • Product Code 9781506346960 ( MR #066643 )

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What separates good leaders from brilliant ones?

How do you successfully move your school or district from mediocrity to brilliance? Drawing on their vast expertise in the business and education worlds, the authors provide a simple and sustainable framework that will help you overcome educational inertia to reach new heights of achievement. The authors use the four forces of flight as a powerful metaphor:
  • Weight: Reveal your Personal Brilliance through self-discovery
  • Lift: Expand Collaboration Brilliance through collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Thrust: Drive Team Brilliance by encouraging smart risks and designing potent changes
  • Reduce Drag: Tap into Student Brilliance by unleashing imagination, resilience, and hope
With relevant case studies and tangible tools and techniques, Releasing Leadership Brilliance will show you how to make deep, lasting change in your school or district.