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United States History

2018 Edition
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Equip your students to excel on the current AP® United States History Exam

  • updated 2018 text puts recent political events in context, including the 2016 presidential campaign, election outcomes, and the early stages of the Trump administration
  • flexibly designed to use in a one-semester or one-year course
  • divided into nine chronological periods mirroring the structure of the new AP® U.S. College Board Curriculum Framework, the text reflects the Board’s effort to focus on trends rather than isolated facts
  • each period features a one-page overview summarizing the major developments of the period and lists the three featured Key Concepts from the College Board Curriculum Framework
  • each Think As a Historian feature focuses on one of the nine historical thinking skills that the AP® exam will test
  • each chapter narrative concludes with Historical Perspectives, a feature that addresses the College Board emphasis on how historians have interpreted the events of the chapter in various ways
  • the chapter conclusion features a list of key terms, people, and events organized by theme, reflecting the College Board’s focus on asking students to identify themes, not just events
  • chapter assessments include eight multiple-choice items, each tied to a source as on the new AP® exam, as well as four short-answer questions and a full practice exam
  • period reviews include both long-essay questions and Document-Based Questions
  • a comprehensive Answer Key* correlates each question to the College Board Curriculum Framework
* Answer Key is sold only to educators and shipped to school or district addresses only.

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