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Memory (Book)

Second Edition
Constance Lund Rozendaal | Carolyn P. Gottschall Snyder
  • Pages 242
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
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No-Glamour Memory, Second Edition provides strategies to help people of all ages strengthen memory skills to boost performance and efficiency at home, at work, and in the classroom. This revised edition brings an important focus on working memory with many new activities and strategies. Exercises are divided into Verbal and Visual sections. Included are both Beginner and Advanced levels, loaded with new strategies, such as Creating Memory Books and Using Mnemonics, to improve memory in everyday life. Games have been added, as has a Suggestions section for Teachers and Parents.
New in this Edition:
  • A comprehensive overview of the memory process, memory development and memory and learning
  • Beginner and advanced exercises that address verbal including visual memory
  • Helpful suggestions for adults, parents and teachers
  • A chapter on informal and formal memory assessment measures and expanded pretests and posttests
  • Teacher, parent and student surveys to gather pertinent information about the individual who has memory challenges

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