Speech–Language Pathologists in Public Schools

Making a Difference for America's Children

Third Edition
Barbara J. Moore | Judy K. Montgomery
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This comprehensive text covers all the key issues for speech–language pathologists working in public schools, including legislative foundations, IEP processes and procedures, service delivery considerations, and appropriate models for the school setting.
Speech-Language Pathologists in Public Schools, Third Edition is a practical, easily accessed text. It provides the most current information on legal and legislative requirements, including those related to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Multitiered Systems of Support (MTSS), Evidence-Based Systematic Reviews (EBSR), serving students with autism, assistive technology and augmentative alternative communication (AT/AAC), and other topics pertinent to serving students in a school setting.
Chapters include:
    • Speech-Language Services in the Educational System: Trends and Considerations
    • Legislative Foundation of Educational Services for Special Student Populations
    • Referral and Assessment
    • The IEP Process and Procedures
    • Service Delivery Options in Schools
    • Providing Successful Intervention and Access to Curriculum
    • Specialized Service Delivery for Specialized Student Needs
    • Procedural Safeguards, Legal Protections, and Appeal Procedures
    • The Work World of Speech–Language Pathologists in Public Schools
    • Anticipated Future for School-Based Speech–Language Pathologists
Speech-Language Pathologists In Public Schools: Making A Difference for America's Children–Third Edition is a must-have text for students and practicing professionals serving school-age children.

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